Jul 01 2009

Things to do: July

In case it snuck up on you like it did me, it’s July already! Here’s a list of cool events going on in ‘da Lou this month.

1. Indie Rock Ice Cream Social @ The Firebird
Friday, July 10, 8-12 pm
Cost: $10

Do you like ice cream, PBR and indie rock? Then this is the event for you! $10 at the door gets you 4 bands and an ice cream sundae… The best part of the event is that a portion of the proceeds help fund the Metropolis LOT music festival. Join us for an original event and some cool fun!

2. Schlafly Summer Beer Taste @ Blues City Deli
Saturday, July 11, 11 am-4 pm
Cost= Free

Vince Valenza personally invited the Metropolis crew to come out next Saturday and enjoy some Schlafly beer and free music. John Nemeth, a nationally recorded blues artist, will be performing from 2-3 pm. Go have a beer, sandwich (soooo good) and show some love for Vince and his crew!

3. Premiere of the Fox Club @ Atomic Cowboy
Friday, July 24 9-11 pm
Cost= $15

Starting this fall, Atomic Cowboy will have a new performance venue- The Fox Hole. Lola Von Ella and her burlesque troupe will be christening the stage with a brand new act (the weak at heart should not attend)! This will be a retro show with a live jazz band. If you haven’t yet seen Lola, she’s extremely unique and talented…a “must see” in St. Louis!

And don’t forget to SAVE THE DATE for the LOT Music Festival: August 29 from 2 pm-1 am. If you want to get involved, please let me know: lot@mstl.org

Hope you are all having a great summer!!!

Abby Schwarz
LOT Chair