Jul 21 2009

Why “the walk” Visited Webster Groves

Some controversy has arisen this week around our decision to host a walk in Webster Groves. I wanted to take a moment to discuss why we have chosen this location.

Members of the Metropolis steering committee have been discussing steps we can take to expand our organization’s base and better promote our mission. We have concluded that Metropolis needs to reach out to people in different parts of the metro area as opposed to hoping they find us. If “The Walk” makes a positive impression on people in Webster Groves, it is likely we can recruit them to future MSTL events.

To those concerned that we have abandoned our mission, please fear not. We remain committed to the success of the city. However, we have concluded that the success of the city is in part contingent on the support of the surrounding counties and to recruiting driven individuals who share our goals, regardless of where they live.

As always, I welcome your comments.

Chris LeBeau

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