Jul 21 2009

President’s 2nd Quarter Update

Friends of Metropolis,

Having recently crossed the half way mark of 2009 (which sounds crazy to say), I look back on the energy we injected into city events and hope you enjoyed them and are pleased with our work. In particular, we did a great job with:

* A State of the Economy forum at UMSL
* Regional Issues Forum at the Old Post Office
* Race Around the Lou had 28 teams participate
* A growing number of people attending The Walk
* And as always, several great Wine Clubs

My excitement for the remainder of the year comes from a Lot Festival (Aug. 29) that promises to be bigger and better than ever with a star studded lineup of bands, additional food vendors outdoors, and activities that attendees can take part in throughout their time with us. This really is a year you don’t want to miss.

In addition to that, I’ve had the opportunity thus far to meet with Les Sterman of East West Gateway, Don Meyer of RCGA, Patrick Brown of the Mayor’s Office, Alderman Shane Cohn and other parties from around the city. The topic of conversation in these meetings has been discussing how Metropolis can continue to positively impact the city. As always, top of mind for me is looking for opportunities to create social events that we enjoy creating for the city (and attending ourselves), civic service that makes a contribution to the advancement of our city, and the opportunity for our members to build relationships that can be personally enjoyable but also benefit us professionally.

Metropolis also enjoyed the opportunity to contribute to the Partnership of Downtown St. Louis’s recent 10 year planning session. This session provided us with great insight on how far the city has come, plans that have fallen short, and where we should go from here. Review their progress report here.

Here is how I see things progressing from here for Metropolis:

* Metropolis hopes to soon offer its members the opportunity to meet with city leaders and learn from them how we can positively impact our city
* Metropolis also hopes to tie causes to its social events and other programming. It is our desire to build awareness around issues and focus our effort on projects that are important to our members and our city.
* I will be bringing some of these opportunities to our leadership so we can consider them for the balance of 2009

As always, thank you for your time and interest in the future of this organization.

Feel free to write me anytime.

Chris LeBeau
President, Metropolis St. Louis